Why Be a Bartender in Tampa

The mixology profession has been flourishing for centuries, and is becoming more sophisticated every year. The constant opening of new restaurants, clubs, lounges, bars and hotels, coupled with the phenomenal increase in the types and variety of mixed drinks being ordered today, has dramatically increased the demand for professionally trained,skilled mixologists, both male and female. Owners and managers realize that professionally trained bartenders help assure an efficient operation and customer satisfaction, both of which are necessary for a successful and profitable business. This is an excellent time to enter the field of bartending. The economy is in a recession, gas prices are high and many people are concerned about their jobs. During times like these, the public in general may hold off spending large amounts of money on real estate, vacations, appliances, cars, and clothing. However, history has proven that bars maintain their business levels and many actually increase during tough times like these. Professional bartenders are always in demand!
essence-frontOne of our Tampa graduates, LaTanya White, was recently featured in an Essence Magazine article titled "Learn How You Can Earn Extra Cash". Click on the Magazine cover to the left to read the article. LaTanya enjoyed working in nightclubs where she earned up to $300 a night in tips. She in now doing private parties on her own. As a private party bartender, LaTanya charges $25.00 an hour, plus tips. In a five or six hour event LaTanya can earn $300 to $350. Bartending salaries vary by region, but a bartender in today's economy can expect to earn a salary that is above that of most entry level college grads. In addition, most of these entry-level positions with large corporations require more extensive (and expensive!) education, and entails working many more hours each week. In addition, many larger bars and restaurants offer full benefits for employees, and bartenders working for major hotels or airlines often receive additional perks like greatly reduced lodging and air fare. A bartending career allows people the freedom to choose a work environment that matches their personality. A good bartender can work anywhere in the country, or in the world. Some bartenders might prefer the hotel or country club environment, while others enjoy the charm of neighborhood bars, or the excitement of nightclubs. Whatever your preference, bartending can offer fun & profitable surroundings.