How About a Little Beer?

Usually a response to that question is no, I want a big beer ! Little Beers are a alot different. I found out about these unique shooters when visiting a local pub here in the Midwest. They were served a very small beer mug that held about two ounces. The main ingredient is Licor 43, a liqueur that has been made in Spain for over 1800 years. Also known as Cuarenta Y Tres, (which translates into the number 43). Licor 43 has almost the same color as a lager beer, however has a sweet vanilla flavor. The Licor 43 is poured into the mini mug to three-quarters full. The bartender then gently tops it with whipped cream, to resemble the foam head of a beer. The flavor tastes just like vanilla ice cream! You can check it out at